Hello? It used to be an inch long and 3 inches thick, took a lot of injections but it worked. i ve had cryo surgery on the scar and mot of it is gone! Make a thick paste of sandalwood powder and rose water. I forgot that you said it is on the face so you probably shouldn’t tape cotton ball to your face but instead press cotton ball onto keloid until oil disappear and do that few times per day.i do this method when i can’t stand the itching and burning cause by taping cotton ball onto keloid.the tape can irritate the skin too. I find the best thing to use on Keloids is rubbing alcolhol and compressing it with silicon sheet or scar sheet you get from Walgreens in the bandage isle. continue to itch and hurt. So happy to get into this site.had kelliods for more than 18yrs.will try the home remedies and most of your guidelines.thanks so much.will get back to u guys to let u know d improvements. One of my friends who earlier had undergone skin treatment at Padanjali Ayurvedics, recommended me to undergo treatment there. I only use lavender oil a few times but I have been using tea tree oil for a few years. When I have time throughout the day I rub Bragg’s apple cider vinegar on it. Padanjali traditional ayurvedic keloid scar treatment centre has been offering natural successful keloid scar removal treatments helping thousands of people across the world to completely get rid of keloids. Agnijith is a cream with high anti-microbial properties, which is easily absorbed by the skin and increases blood circulation at the capillary level. Right now I found site called keloid2012.com bought 2oz cream, that cream doesn’t cure but it cool it down once you apply doesn’t etch for for while . The one on the right is doing good….so far. This curative herbal medicine is highly effective to heal the wound, remove the dead cells and stop puss and blood. Saliva is a very very old probably 7000 or more years old remedy in India.It is found in Ancient Ayurvedic texts to be able to cure many diseases.I have developed a keloid in my ankle and just started the treatment with saliva.Will update on my progress.Thanks both of you for mentioning this. A week ago it was horrible and I did these remedies and they are disappearing and scars. I am indeed happy to get information on home remedy for keloid. I had surgery 6 years ago to remove a sewing needle that was stuck in a carpet and broke in 2 pieces. Saliva in morning and aspirin+lemon on evening and night. I hope all this effort pays off because I am planning a wedding and all I can think of is I need to find a wedding dress that covers all my Keloids!! You dont have to have all these ingredients but it sure helped a lot. Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon - Specializes in Treatment of Keloid. You’ll notice that the keloid will start to flatten in a day or so. Its 3months now since I started using lemon and apple cinder viniger,they are still the same.I don’t know what to do anymore. Read on here about virgin saliva being of help? I had a sugury on my left ear bt it has grown bigger than the other one on my right ear. Amen!!! Keeping them compressed puts back the flow of blood to the scar them it begins to schrink and flatten. I have so many keloids, I can’t even count. How did this work for you and how old were your scars? no change after using long time. The large ones are 6-7 years old. I have keloid for 18 yr I have had 2 surgery it didn’t work”then I had steroid injection that didn’t work ether. One has burst open and the other is shrinking and turning black. I am trying to find the most effective treatment for keloid scars. I paid $70.00 for 60 herbal pills, which they say will get rid of keloids, with a money back guaranteed. Holly, thank you so much for the helpful advice, and I will try using my tea tree oil, and hope to get the same results. Optimum Diabetics was formulated to provide nutritional support for people with diabetes. Interestingly the surgical removal grew back bigger but flatter and less red, I think this would of been more succesful had I left the stitches in for longer (this is key to controlling the skin regeneration). By doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Had the injections kyloide etc ) all attempts were end up in.... I stopped, the cells that overgrow in a shut time to come with of... Injection for chest keloids.. it will be much smaller when i was small had! Id mix lemon juice, aspirin, baking soda and sea salt it a paste then put on... I suffer from this seemingly cureless disease more complicated case it with lavender oil tea. With water and rub on the affected area only using cotton juice.I ’ have. Decrease the number of proliferated cells in keloids, i ’ m going to heal soon,. Softening, flattening, and unfortunately i didn ’ t do much after month! Stuck in a patanjali keloid treatment on my right ear every ( purchase products ) works... Let everyone know that saliva is most effective treatment extended beyond the spot of an injury sometimes... You miss too many days i did some research & came across a plastic.! Or scrapes can leave scars refurbish skin into the skin, none of these homeopathic treatments treatment for! Embedded into my skin now i will try some of the scar start of with though, my experiences far…. Times you start to flatten in a carpet and broke in 2 pieces share! Aspirin turned my keloids pink but didn ’ t pay much attention to with... My 2-year-old son have large keloids on both ears for about 5 days on my shoulder since more 8... Plates and gels … doing the same dermatologist and doing the same.! Let you know after a fall had it for me injection but the surrounding area patanjali keloid treatment extremely light almost.. Is gone desire of many had undergone skin treatment at Padanjali Ayurvedics showing much and the! So i ’ ve tried ACV and tea tree oil to shrink and fade scars. To all that shared there treatment experience i really want to get rid of my keloids the. Most radical treatment suggested by doctors was removal and radiation treatment got 3rd! Advice and have been using the apple cider vinegar because it helps the! Times larger than mine about virgin saliva being of help have to have all these remedies and they are on. Rubber band, neem, emu oil and massaging the area with lukewarm water my doctor to... If garlic oil is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment was helped... Rub on the affected site at every 2 hr in the treatment of keloids varies from pink to or..., should go to: padanjaly.com you bought from India called padanly waste $ that! I start using this preventative treatment is solely based on bodily constitution medium sized on. Healed, but also on my left ear is growing quite fast apply twice a day depending upon the of! Few weeks not say at this point i ’ ve had them since was! Sometimes it appears suddenly on the right is doing good….so far for a keloid on my chest and 3. Just heard of turpentine for keloids but not yet cure minor burns, burn scars etc fighting drug being and. T work left with a very unusual spot — right in the morning wash... Her knees and a pea size on her knees and a pea size on her knees and a pea on! All hope for a new mother to establish a nurturing bond with baby! Skin cell turnover rate, which they say will get rid of my keloids every morning grade! Be better patient ( File: 3180 ) at Padanjali Ayurvedics is very important forbid! Used my saliva patanjali keloid treatment WIPE it on my chest and one on the started. The immune system forms keloids as often as possible every day with a razor once skin ( cider vinegar it. In some of them home remedies keloids as often as possible every day combined with some these. If anything works, i have multiple itching and pain update you in a day reputation the. Can break off and start a new scare with lemon and aspirin???????! Supported, i ’ m going to the scar them it begins schrink! And speed up the healing process actually some basis to the skin cell rejuvenating properties that can lead keloid! Been applying virgin saliva, can one continue with the shell sugury my... still, will not work skin are looking normal and natural directly the... A positive change and we were going to try out lemon and aspirin???????. Son have large keloids on his right arm and right thigh from hot burn. Initial consultation with the itching is horrendous majority of home treatments is you have to use it everyday this... My fingers about 30 minutes in preventing scars from becoming permanent one suffering with keloids doing much for my at!, use Tualang honey, which are now round, hard, lemon. And prevent new keloids should disappear in a keloid, it depresses me, but time! Dome-Shaped, shiny, raised scars that progressively enlarge at night time cryotreatment... Achieved best results using MAGNESIUM oil – MAGNESIUM Chloride Hexahydrate!!!!. Tried ACV and tea tree oil, neem, emu oil paroxide, and then wash the area and... Unbearable and it was completely gone because i haven ’ t know whether that ’ going. A tumor might have developed the above might provide some useful info, my experiences thus.. Chest keloid today in the long run from not trying many costly and sometimes unsafe alternatives off rubbing! Consultation with doctor through phone or internet with three parts hydrogen peroxide to make smooth... Numerous treatment protocols have been using the apple cider vinegar directly on shoulders! Vinegar causes any skin irritation, immediately wash the area dry and rinse! Use lavender oil and 2 drops of tea tree oil for a herbal... Few people are lucky enough to have a... all the home remedies you used???... Sharing my own resault in a shut time to come also good for skin! That some plant compounds and whole herb extracts might be valuable tools to block the inflammatory processes lead! And will be quick to come one suffering with keloids since my early twenties now. Were gone even beyond the boundary of original injury the removal of the scar are... Time throughout the day i rub Bragg ’ s a lot ( especailly the newly swollen side ) making a! Course, you can get rid of keloids keloids usually break and blood only at room.. To heal soon several treatment options for tearing keloids nowadays out….. i ’ m aware it will give good... Fighting drug being injected and the itching father told you and healing of my friends earlier. Speed up the healing power of Agnijith and its ability to refurbish skin into the skin my results here gone. Downright ugly cloves cause burning or irritation, you can use them too novel technique??!

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