Latest Catches!


Regular Ed Mcginnis and Rod and Patty Smith were out for sea bass and fluke.  The 1st and 2nd wrecks had fish but everything was small.  We went to plan B for fluke. Ed had an 18.5″ fluke and Rod scored a 19.5″. We had well over 20 shorts.

Regulars Kyle Smith, Dave and Mike out with newcomer Gary.  Had over 50 sea bass but only 8 keepers. Gary took the pot with a 23″ fluke.


Day 2 with family. We hit the fluke hard today, boxing 6 keeps to 23″. Eric had the lucky pole with 23″ and 22″ fluke.

Fluke2 Fluke1 fam1


Seabass with family today. Managed 12 nice ones with tough anchoring issues. Owen stole the show with this 23″ humphead!

Owen23 fam2


May 2, 2017

The Bonnie Anne is launched for the season with many new rods and tackle. Last weekend I had the family out for a shakedown trip in the bay. All the big blues we wanted! The biggest was 35.5″.

blues Early blues

August 6th
Had return charter Ruth Kennedy out today with Tori, Fran, Mary and Ryan. We picked up an 18″ fluke in the bay before heading out to a bumpy ocean where the group hung in there to limit out on sea bass (12) to 18.5″, a bluefish and some mackerel. It should be noted Ryan (12) caught the largest sea bass on his first ever ocean fishing trip.

Ruth1 Ruth2
August 5th

Had Mark, Tara, and David Harvey out for wreck fishing today. This was David’s first trip ocean fishing. We found a good piece of structure and got out sea bass limit with several fish to 18″. We easily had over 60 fish and could be selective for larger keepers. Great trip for the group.

Harvey1 Harvey

July 30th
Yesterday, I had the Rutherfords from Dallas, TX out for their 5th consecutive year. We ran a good distance in search of fluke but we were only getting shorts. We scrapped the fluke and changed over for wreck. The 2nd wreck was a small piece but held lots of fish. They brought home 8 sea bass, 4 ling and 2 nice tog. Scott, Becca, Joey, Michael, and Rachel did a great job and left with a couple bags of fillets. Save travels back to Dallas.

Rutherfords Rutherfords1

July 27th
I had Mark, Mary Beth, and Chris out for a wreck fishing trip. This was Mary Beth’s and Chris’ first ever ocean fishing trip. They loved it! Everyone caught sea bass and fluke and they brought a few sea bass home at my request to enjoy for dinner. On the ride back in, we came across a pod of dolphins putting on a show for us! What a great experience the three!
MB MB family

July 26th
Today, Vince Noonan brought his son visiting from Colorado out for a fluke and seabass trip. They left with a mixed bag of fillets. 3 keeper sea bass, 12 ling and a fluke.

Vinny Noonan

July 25th
Today, we had a late start with the storms. Returning charter Ed and Cheryl McGinnis from Ed’s Lead decided to fish for fluke in the bay. They had a lot of shorts but couldn’t get a keeper over the rail.  We headed to the ocean but still the same, only short fluke.

July 24th
Today, I had returning charter Matt Ehleben and friend Tom out for fluke. We worked hard but we’re only catching shorts in the ocean so we headed to a wreck. The guys brought home 3 sea bass and 4 ling for the table.
Matt Tom Tom

July 23rd
I had out Jim and Kyle McMullin and father in law, Earl. The crew began in the bay and battle wind against tide and chilly water and only managed shorts. We then headed to the ocean and picked a lone keeper sea bass. The water dropped to 65 and made conditions difficult. This was everyone’s first time bucktailing and Kyle’s first time ever fishing. They did a great job.

July 21st
Fished with my kids, nephews, and mother in law today and caught lots of fluke.  The highlight was my 4 year old son bucktailing his personal best fluke that measured 22″.  Barbara also added an 18″ fluke to the box.

Crogans Eric 1

July 19th
Ed and Lon Walsh along with Bryan, Jack (9), and Molly (6) Pullar were out for a 5 hour bay fluke trip. Jack and Molly boated the first two keepers that measured 18.5″ a piece. Ed picked another nice one that measured 23″. The group caught 25 fish today and had a great time. Ed and Bryan are also former marines and we thank them for their service! Great guys!
Pullar pullar1
July 18th
Had the Drollett charter out today. Earl, Mark, Anne (Vermont) and Brent and 10 year old Liam (Doylestown) went on a wreck/fluke trip. They started with drop and reel on sea bass and porgies. After a couple hours and about 50 fish caught, we went fluking where we got them yesterday. We could only manage shorts and got in before the wind really got going. Fun day!

July 17th
Fished with my 2 oldest boys, brother, and nephew today for a couple hours. Left a bit later than the previous day in order to have a breeze and drift. Glad we did. 3 keeps at 24″, 20″, and 18.5″.
Brian A
July 16th
We had 4x returning Kyle Smith charter out with Mike, George, and Dave. These guys always fill the cooler. After a 15 mile run to where fish were being caught, we had zero wind which gave no drift. No drift means no fluke. We then went seabassing and the guys fished through the shorts to catch 9 keeper sea bass.
Drollet (2)

July 10th
The Ruth Kennedy charter from Abington, Pa had a fun day on the water! The ladies enjoyed drop and reel action on local wrecks catching seabass and porgies. We then headed to the bay for some fluke but could only manage shorts that measured 17.5″. Ruth got this nice hump head at our first wreck.


July 9th

Took my 2 oldest boys and mother in law out for a couple hours today. We got 2 keeps at 18.5″ and 18″.


July 7th
Dave Capone of Collegeville, PA and sons Gabe and Bryan were out for a bay fluke trip today. After a slow start, we narrowed in on what the fish wanted to eat and caught plenty! The trio brought back 3 fluke taping out at 21″, 20″, and 18″. Great day for the guys!
Dave capone

July 6th
Had Rich Hollahan, Isaac, and Eric out for fluke and sea bass. We only could manage fluke that were 17.5″ and with a slow drift we decided to wreck hop. We caught our sea bass limit and Isaac all but threw in the towel due to “arm soreness” from reeling. Fun day!

July 4th
Had Frank Bell of Hamburg, PA and 5 year old Franklin out for a 4 hour charter today. After lots of throwbacks in the bay, we headed to the ocean. Franklin kept track and had 16 fish today with a couple double header sea bass. But, it was dad that stole the show with a thick 6lb. fluke that went 24.5″. The pair added a couple sea bass for a nice bag of fillets.

Frank1 Frank3 Frank4

June 29th
In honor of shark week, we went shark fishing today only to run upon a huge swordfish sunning itself 20miles from the inlet. He wouldn’t take a bait but really cool to see. We saw giant leatherbacks, a mako, and caught a brown shark.
brown Turtle

June 18th

Had Brian McGee, Jim Jr. and Jim Sr. out for a pre Father’s Day trip. After catching 20 nice keeper sea bass, the group decided to head in for some fluke on the start of the outgoing.  They scored 2 nice keepers that went 19″ and 21.5″.  Nice trip for the guys.

McGee1 McGee

June 4th

Third time returning charter Kyle Smith, Mike, Dave, and Anthony wanted in on the wreck fishing. We had drop and reel fishing with 20 keeper sea bass and 3 nice ling.  The crew easily had over 100 fish.  We ended with the first hour of the outgoing tide, fought the slim “algae bloom” and only managed 6 short fluke.  They will be back in July.

smith3 smith2 smith1

Memorial Day Weekend
I didn’t take any charters this weekend, instead I chose to take my family fishing.  “The” Bonnie Anne, my 2 oldest boys, 2 brother in laws and 2 nephews hit up a wreck to drop and reel.  It was instant craziness with multiple double headers and lots of bait cutting. We put 24 keeper sea bass and a couple ling in the box and caught over a 100 fish.  Kids loved it.  Only a 2.5 hour trip.  Perfect for the kids.

mem3 mem2

May 21-22
Two trips this weekend.  First up we went in search of the striped bass that have been eluding us this season.  We filled the live well with bunker, right next to a huge whale feeding on the beach, and then we brought our baits deep. Nothing would take. We trolled spoons for an hour but still no takers.  Plan B.  Blues in the bay.  Nice racer blues saved the trip and the crew brought home some meat. Being opening day of fluke, we briefly gave it a go on the way in with only shorts to show.

Sunday we were held in the back bay with hard Northeast winds. The incoming was 58 degrees which made for a tough bite. We managed 2 keepers at 19.5″ and 19″. With the conditions we had, I’ll take those keepers any day.

DEvlin1 Mark

May 15th
Fished the ocean for stripers with the hard westerly winds.  We found bait, and worked the snag and drop all morning but couldn’t get any takers. We decided to have some fun with the 10-15lb. blues taking up residence in the BL inlet.  We were tripled up multiple times and the highlights were the blues hitting the top water plugs with Old Barney in the background. Great fun!


April 24th
First trip of the season Sunday with Bill, Ed, Greg, and Mark.  The wind kept us inside.  Trolled up 3 gator blues to 14lbs. using ponytails on the west side of Barnegat Bay.  Working away from the fleet in 8-10ft. of water produced for us.  We fished the beginning of outgoing tide using clam but didn’t manage any takers.

Gregblue1 4-24 1


August 16th
Matt and nephew Austin hit the ocean for some fluke today.  They boxed 6 keepers at 24.5″, 23″, 20″, 19″, 19″ and 18.5″.  The biggest fish went 5.25lbs.  Nice day bucktailing flatties for the pair.

Matt Austin Matt Austin1 Matt E

August 14th
Dan Snead and daughter Emma fished the bay, inlet and ocean and were rewarded with 3 keepers. Dan landed the largest at 24″, just making 5lbs.  They added a 20″ and 19″ to the cooler before Emma had to head back for soccer tryouts.  Emma was a sea bass master, catching 5 keeper sized that all went back of course.

Dan Snead Dan Emma

August 13th
Ginger, Heather, and kids Brandon (11), Emelyn (10), Isla (5) and Laird (3) were out for a short inlet fluke trip. Isla landed the only keeper at 18.5″ and Emelyn had a double header fluke on the bucktail and teaser – not bad for the first time ever fluking!



August 9th

Sunday, Jerry Gerth and family hammered the bay for fluke. There was tremendous boat traffic in the inlet area due to poor sea conditions. The group caught lots of fluke, but unfortunately none made the 18″ length.

August 5th

Fourth year returning charter Scott Rutherford and family from Texas were out for fluke. The group kept track and they caught 62 fluke. Of those 62 fluke, 4 taped out at legal size with their largest at 20″.

August 4th

Colleen Crogan and family fluke fished the bay and managed lots of short.  We ended the day with 2 keepers at 18.5″ and close to 20 fish.

Babs sean p

August 1st
Fished the Stafford Hook n’ Ladder fluke tournament with John Figaniak and Brett Taylor from Reel Reaction charters. We worked hard and ended the day with 7 keeper fluke to 21.5″.  Unfortunately this did not place us in the fluke category. We did win the bluefish division with a 3lb. blue caught in the inlet.

July 29th

Ed McGinnis was back again today, this time with his sons Brock and Conner and friend Mike.  The group worked hard but zero wind made for tough anchoring and a slow bite.  The sea bass were small and the bite was slow.  They added 3 nice sea bass and a couple ling. We headed to 40 ft. of water off the bathing beach but there was zero drift. Worked the channels near the lighthouse and added 2 fluke at 19″ and 19.5″.



July 28th
Ed McGinnis of Ed’s Lead returned for another charter with wife Cheryl to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. Celebrate the did with a great mixed bag catch.  They limited on sea bass to 18″, 2 nice tog at 16″, 2 ling, and 3 fluke to 23″.


July 25th

Returning after a charter just several weeks ago, Kyle Smith, Anthony, Dave, and Mike had another great day.  Hit a wreck for an hour and had our limit of sea bass, 7 ling, and a nice tog.  Went to get on the great fluking in the ocean and ended the day with 4 keeper fluke that went 24″, 22″, 19.5″, and 19″.

smith3 (2) smith2 smith1

July 24th

Ed McGinnis and John Figaniak were out for an open boat trip on 7/24.  We fished the ocean and had 40+ fluke, all biting bright Gulp!.  Ended with 5 nice fluke that went 23″, 23″, 19″, 18.5″, and 18″ and added a cocktail blue and sea bass.

ed1 (2)



July 20th

Seth Newman, daughter Izzy and son Max had a great day fishing in the ocean.  The group managed 30+ fish in 3 hours of fishing, including a fat 23″ and 18″ fluke.

newman1 newman2

July 14th

Similar to the previous day, the Steve Bittner charter was ended early due to severe storms.  We saw the weather coming but scheduling conflicts had us try to get out and get a couple fluke before it turned.  The group worked bucktails but could only manage shorts in the bay. The cloud to ground lightning is nothing to mess with and ended our trip early.

July 13th

Had teachers from Tamanend MS aboard for bay fluke fishing.  They managed 1 keeper before the weather brought us in. The ladies worked through many shorts and surely would have managed more if the weather had not turned.



July 12th

With the flat calm seas Sunday, I took my wife and boys (3 and 5) on a trip up to NYC to see the Statue of Liberty up close.  Awesome ride along the beach and a memorable experience aboard The Bonnie Anne.


July 11th

Saturday had returning Losey and Pullar charter out in the ocean for seabass and fluke.  Fishing was fast and Ben (10), Jack (8), and Julia (8) were reeling within seconds of being anchored up.  We had many short seabass in the mix but caught our limit of quality seabass in no time and then decided to fluke (against the kids’ advice because of how much fun they were having catching seabass).  We added a fat 22″ fluke to the box and called it a day.  We had several other shorts but overall fluking on GSN was a little slow.

pullar seabass


July 9th

Pat St. George charter fished for fluke in the bay.  Twins Rogan and Owen (8) and cousin Kira (7) worked for their fish and managed 1 keeper at 18.5″.  They also saw their uncle John fight a cow nose ray in the inlet for some time before releasing him boat side.


July 6th
Finally got back out after a hectic end of the school year, vacation with the family, and spending some time with the extended family over the 4th holiday.  Got out for some seabass with my kids, Bonnie, nephew, and brother.  Put some quality seabass in the boat, some blues, a porgy, and the highlight was a 9lb. tog for my nephew.  His first tog, ever, and it had to go back because it was out of season. It was a beast!  Trips are starting pretty regular for me now.  Out Wednesday and Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. Sunday is available.

phototogphoto 3


June 7th
Returning charter George Smajda, wife, daughter, and boyfriend went fluking today in hopes of good bite from Saturday.  The bite was not as steady. Group caught about 2 dozen fluke with 1 keeper at 22″.  Not a bad early season fish for Dan. Was the biggest fish he’s ever caught. Nice first fluke!


June 6th
Had Kyle Smith charter out today. Plan was to fish for stripers but the slow bite and good fluke bite changed up to fluke.  Good thing. Kyle, Dave, Mike, and Anthony managed 40+ fish with 4 keepers to 21″.

May 30th
Eric, father, wife, and son went seabassing today.  The pea soup fog had us slow out of the inlet and the cold water slowed our bite. We managed only 4 keeper seabass, many throwbacks and a throwback cod.

May 24th
Opening fluke for us.  Caught some shorts with the family and then got a nice 19″ and a 24″ fatty.

May 17th
Had Ralph and Matt Polito out for striped bass.  We could not locate bunker pods or pick any up on the troll. We put out spoons, umbrellas, shads, mojos, and nothing would get them.  Tough day.

May 2-3
The 2015 season is underway and we got in on some of the fantastic bluefish action in the bay. We hammered the yellow eyes Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Some of the biggest blues I’ve seen in the bay and inlet.  Tons of fun and the kids, wife, and myself had a blast.
August 8th/11th

Monday, took first time charter Dave Dering, Alex, and Andrew to the GSN for fluke.  We added 4 species to the box.  Fluke at 20″, ling, 8 seabass, and a nice tog.

Friday took the Crogans from Boston out again for a fluking trip.  Colleen caught her first fluke at 19.5″.  We added some seabass to the box and called it a morning.

August 5th/6th

Wednesday had the Rutherfords from Texas out for their annual fishing trip. This is their 3 year in a row.  We headed back tot he ridge and caught many more hard fighting bonito along with some 2-3 lb. blues.  On light tackle, they had a lot of fun with these fish.


Tuesday had family out and caught all the bonito we wanted at the ridge.  It was my son’s first bonito!  Hit some wrecks on the way in and caught some ling and seabass.  LINK TO VIDEO OF 4 YEAR OLD ERIC REELING IN HIS FIRST BONITO.
bonito colby pat bonito kev erics 1st bonitio

August 4th
Fished the bay and caught short fluke consistently. Finally managed a keeper at 19.5″ by my mother in law.

babs 19.5

July 30th
Joe Villa took his kids, Jake and Gabby, out for some ocean fluke fishing.  Put 2 fluke in box up fluke to 23.5″ and seabass to 16″.  Keeper fluke caught on whole squid.

July 26th

Fished the Stafford Fire Department Hook N Ladder fluke tournament today.  We finished 4th with our largest fluke at 4.22lb.  We had 2 keeper fluke, 7 sea bass and 7 ling.  Nice day on water.
fluke hook ladder
fluke seabass lingJuly 23-24 Puffers make an appearance
Doing some fishing and scoping of new spots with the family. The 1st blowfish of the year made it over the side, with some kingfish, and more keeper fluke.  The bay is LOADED with fluke right now but most of them are shorts. We did manage this keeper Thursday morning in the bay.  I am fishing the Hook N’ Ladder Fluke tournament on Saturday.
Kids blowfishfluke
July 17
Matt and Ralph Polito put together a nice trip with a 22″ fluke, 3 keeper seabass, and a ling.  The water is still cold at 65 and putting together nice catches remains a challenge.  Need to keep at it.


Week of July 6th
Saturday, the water warmed and the bite was better.  Father/son Josh and Ben Losey along with father/son Brian and Jack Pullar put together a nice catch.  2 fluke measuring 23.5″ and 24″.  They weighed 4lb. and 4.5lb.  Ben and Jack were 1st time anglers and caught 14 and 13 fish a piece.
brian  brian1brian2

Friday, we made into the ocean and John Galliano Jr. and Sr. caught seabass and ling.

The cold water has made fishing tough this week but we will keep at it.

Wednesday was a similar situation with cold water and a slow bite.  The Pat St. George charter caught short fluke and 7 year old twins Rogan and Owen caught their first ever fluke.

Tuesday had the Jerry Cronin charter out fluke fishing.  Only could manage short fluke but Grady, Mason, and Ava all caught their first fluke which was a success for them.

June 7th and 8th

On Saturday, had returning charter of Joe Villa, Brian and Stephanie Coyle, and Karl Schmidt out for stripers.  Could not find an active pod so we went on the troll. Brian boated the first on a white Maja spoon that weighed in at 38lb.  Brian’s daughter Stephanie would not be outdone and bested dad with her first ever striper, a 39lb. on the same spoon.  The fish taped out at 44” and 45”. Before returning to the dock, we managed a nice keeper fluke inside on an S&S bucktail.

brian striper (2)karl striper2karl striper 5stephanie striper

Sunday had out Bob, his son Rob, and his father-in-law Jack for stripers to celebrate Bob’s 60th birthday.  Bunker were scattered and the bass were elusive for us.  Did hear of one active pod mid-morning off the bathing beach.  We decided to hit a wreck before going in and worked our way to a dozen keeper sea bass to 18” and a couple ling.

seabassbobdseabass bobe

seabass bobaMay 26th
Happy Memorial Day!  This weekend was all about family and friends!  Saturday’s short, early morning trip boated a nice 30lb. bass live lining bunker off IBSP and we were back before 9am for family activities.  The fish inhaled the bunker and tore drag for a solid minute before John Figaniak could slow it down.

Figs 30aBonnie 36a
Sunday I had my 4 year old son, Eric, out for a fluking trip. We only managed shorts but there was some great learning happening and we did manage to fish some new areas that look promising.
Monday we were back on the bass.  The mission was to get the Bonnie Anne (my wife) her first ever striper.  We succeeded and she got a fat 36lb. striper while trolling a stretch.  Check out the video on you tube. Awesome!

Bonnie 36lb

May 19th, 2014
Got out for first trip of the year on a shakedown run and boated a 33# that stretched out to 40”. Fish was caught in 45ft. off BB and went for a red headed Mann’s stretch on an umbrella.  Trolled spoons but didn’t get a touch on them. Bait was spread out with the occasional tight bait ball.